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38 year old healthy female has grand mal seizure during running her 6 mile routine. Please email me, its driving me CRAZY! ac

Posted by mahoney20022003


I was running on the treadmil like normal. I usually run 6 miles every other day. I rest one day and run the next.

So apparently after 2 miles, I put the treadmil on "Stop", walked into my husbands office on the same floor and asked him who he was. When he responded with "your husband" I told him I was hallucinating. He took me to the couch and left me there for just a few seconds. He stepped into the other room to check the treadmil which indicated that I had only ran for 22:00. A few seconds later I collapsed and went into a full blown seizure . The end third of my tounge is still numb after a week but getting better.

Anyhow, I woke up after having major "DeJa Vu"  dreams, and I was freaking out in the ambulance. The paramedics informed me that I had a seizure and to remain calm. My husband said I was fighting the paramedics big time but I dont remember any of this.

At the hospital,  I was seen by a cardiologist, an internal medicine doctor and a neurologist.

Tests: EEG, EKG, CAT Scan, MRI and a stress test. The stress test only brought my heart to 160 when they were aiming for 190. My pants were falling down and they decided I had done enough. (I'm not sure if this was good enough since I could of kept going)

Anyhow, cardiologist said I had a little leaky valve here and there but no big deal and "common with athletes." This ticked me off cause I dont consider myself an athlete by any means. How can they label me an athlete when none of then questioned me or drilled me on my exercise regiment.

I feel like they should have done an ultrasound on my caratid arteries but they said no.

They left me with no running, no driving and the most generic po sheet from the hospital that wasnt even pertinent to seizures. So generic that it said that I could "Resume Sexual Activity"!

The nurses at the hospital were so amazing and very nice but you could tell they were concerned but frusterated when they would inform me that the doc would not order the carotid artery test.

Now Im just so confused. Could I have developed Epilepsy as an adult? What other tests should I have.

Of course, all tests came back normal.

Please help me if you can. Here is my phone number 770 755-6861

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My husband just had an almost identifcal experience last weekend after running 4.2 miles. All hospital tests clear. Did you find out anything further? Wendy
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