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Health Maven's Answer
Most common cause is infection. But swelling may also be caused by inflammatory... more
Jan 29 2011 5:25am
It sounds like you may have a stone in the saliva duct and as a result, an infection.... more
Jan 29 2011 5:22am
His age makes a big difference here. There are no allergy medicines that are recommended... more
Jan 29 2011 5:16am
If you still have your tonsils, your doctor ay recommend they be removed. Also, its... more
Jan 29 2011 5:08am
Yes, he may need antibiotics.  more
Jan 29 2011 5:04am
Its likely that you have a bacterial infection. Antibiotics are often the preferred... more
Jan 29 2011 5:04am
You probably have an active bacterial infection (due to the red and swollen appearance)... more
Jan 29 2011 5:00am
The recent "official" recommendations by the American Academy of Otolaryngology (Ear,... more
Jan 29 2011 4:57am
As a non-smoker, your chance of tonsil cancer is extremely low.  The possibilities to... more
Jan 29 2011 4:50am
The tonsils are structures that assist the immune system in processing "tags" on... more
Jan 29 2011 4:39am