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Herpes can make the lip swell. But its usually accompanied by the characteristic small... more
Feb 09 2011 4:23am
There's a common myth that adults have more pain and a harder recovery than kids after... more
Jan 31 2011 5:42am
Different nasal steroid sprays are approved for use at different ages, though... more
Jan 31 2011 5:27am
well, why not go see a different ENT doc? more
Jan 31 2011 5:29am
Bloody discharge from an ear infection is common and usually nothing to worry about.... more
Jan 30 2011 4:04am
He may need a different antibiotic or to have the fluid/pus drained from his ears. You... more
Jan 30 2011 3:55am
Albuterol is probably not the best treatment for a cough. In the right circumstances, a... more
Jan 30 2011 3:50am
From your description there are a few possibilities; a viral infection, allergic hives,... more
Jan 29 2011 5:46pm
Visit your family doctor for antibiotics and a decongestant He may also send you to an... more
Jan 29 2011 7:11am
You most likely have acid reflux occurring at night. This irritates your voice box,... more
Jan 29 2011 7:08am