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Health Maven's Answer
The marks in the back of the throat that you see are probably "exudates" and represent... more
Feb 19 2011 2:35pm
These marks can represent one of many problems; allergy, medication reaction, insect... more
Feb 19 2011 2:30pm
There are several questions that a doctor needs to ask you in order to answer your... more
Feb 15 2011 11:12am
Controlling asthma is usually very straightforward today. The National Institutes of... more
Feb 15 2011 11:03am
Enlarged lymph nodes in a child are very common and are usually only a reaction to an... more
Feb 14 2011 3:31am
Unfortunately, part of your question is cut off. But if antibiotics help for a few days... more
Feb 12 2011 10:41pm
the answer is, "it depends." if the symptoms are long standing and not associated with... more
Feb 12 2011 10:34pm
Jan 29 2011 10:44pm
These are symptoms of an acute tonsil infection. Your doctor needs to see you tonsil to... more
Feb 09 2011 4:31am
Most likely an inflammation due to an infection can cause this symptom. You should make... more
Feb 09 2011 4:29am
Sounds like the flu. Did you get a flu shot? You should make an appointment to see your... more
Feb 09 2011 4:27am