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Health Maven's Answer
The symptoms that you describe sound like a benign condition called nasal polyps. While... more
Nov 11 2011 10:21am
The symptoms that you describe are most often due to a benign condition called... more
Nov 11 2011 10:09am
From the Academy of Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose and Throat);   Sore... more
Feb 21 2011 4:15am
left ear AS, right ear AD, both ears AU more
Feb 21 2011 1:11am
If he still gets infections with tubes in his ears, there are two broad possibilities;... more
Feb 21 2011 12:42am
It depends on exactly what meds he takes. If he's not on a beta-blocker class of... more
Feb 21 2011 12:33am
If you have a lot of pain with an ear infection, its more often an outer ear infection... more
Feb 20 2011 11:58pm
Where in the body is this gland you're referring to? There is no gland with a name close... more
Feb 20 2011 11:52pm
If that is a recent picture of your daughter, I'm guessing she's between one and two... more
Feb 20 2011 11:47pm
Another alternative to allergy medication is immunotherapy. It was once thought to be... more
Feb 19 2011 2:49pm