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Woah, we’re back from Engl ...

Posted Dec 13 2008 11:59pm

Woah, we’re back from England! We had a wonderful time with plenty of food (some vegan, some vegetarian) and loads of clothes shopping for me. I’m still suffering from some sleep debt, we spent about 40 hours without sleep because of the trains, buses and the flight back to Sweden. It was a truly horrendous experience. We’re trying to catch up on everything that’s been happening at home and on the net since we left, but there’s so much.

Check out my England flickr set here!

No real cooking going on yet, we had pita breads with beans today and other than that it’s been mostly sandwiches so far. Yesterday we went to see the new Harry Potter film. I had awesome new clothes, lots of makeup and the best bit? Food! We went to a thai restaurant in town (we’ve been there many times). The food is tasty, there’s a few tasty vegetarian options (note to self: ask if they’re vegan!) and most importantly, it’s cheap. Eating out on a tight budget usually limits us to falafel or McDonalds (their McBean burger - swedish, is vegan, even the dressing is!) but this thai place is almost as cheap.

Tofu stirfry with yellow curry and coconut @ vietthai in lund
Tofu stirfry with satesauce @ vietthai in lund

The top picture is my food. Tofu stirfry with rice and a yellow curry coconut milk sauce. It’s yummy and hot. Alex had the tofu stirfry with satesauce and I tried some, it’s heaven. There are a few other options of tofu stirfry aswell, the main difference between the dishes is what sauce it has, but some of them have cashews or mushrooms or noodles aswell. The food here is delicious.

To not make this a completely useless posts I have decided that pictures of Cookie will have to be included. Behold the power of the cat!

I am going to eat your brainCookie and Alex huggingCookie and Emmie sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G

I’ll be back with proper food posting soon! <3

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