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Why runners run? It’s like breathing. You stop. You die. (Figuratively, of course)

Posted May 03 2011 10:23am

You ever been on a boat? It starts leaking and you plug the hole. But then water starts leaking through another gap and you plug that hole. And so on. And so on. And so on.

You never stop the leak.

That’s what its like being a runner sometimes. You get over one injury, one ache or pain and another one pops up.

My pelvis is getting stronger and stronger and three of my last four runs, I’ve experienced little if any of the soreness that I felt after runs when I first came back.

Problem is, I spent so much time overcompensating for the weakness on my left side, that now my right side hurts. No, not the right side of my pelvis. I mean my knee. Ankle. Foot. Glute. Lower back.

So in the good news bad news department, my pelvis is nearly 100 percent, but the rest of me is probable – to steal a sports analogy. (Today’s 5-mile run was even more challenging because the charge on my MP3 player went out on the first song. I had to run alone in near silence, with the soundtrack being my own thoughts and the shuffle of my feet on the gravel at Town Lake.)

Now, I know what you are going to say: “Why don’t you just take off a couple of days to a week and you’ll be fine?”

I could do that. Could. But the same thing that people admire about runners is also the same thing that makes us stupid. We are hardheaded. That’s why we get out of bed at 4:30 a.m. for a run when the temps are lower than our age – (or twice as much). That’s why we leave a perfectly good party on Friday night to run double digit mileage on Saturday morning. That’s why we’d gladly lose a toenail if it meant an improvement in our VO2max, why we’d spend more money on race entry fees and running shoes than on clothes (well, me at least).

See, ask any runner and they’ll tell you this: Running is like breathing. You stop. You die.

And so a few aches and pains is the cost of living.

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