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Whose Energy Is In Your Soul Tank?

Posted Oct 16 2008 7:59pm

How do you know when you are giving away too much of your self?  We have a finite amount of energy that fuels our mind, body and spirit.  When we give away more energy than we take in our Soul Tanks fill up with other people's energy.  Soul Tanks are personal energy reservoirs, which can be drained by overdoing for others while not paying attention to personal needs. When our Soul Tanks are full of other people's energy then our true self is covered up and ignored. Ideally there needs to be a balance of energy exchange in giving and receiving in order to have a Soul Tank full of vibrant energy.  When our Soul Tanks are full of vibrant energy we are happier and attract people and situations that enhance our lives and deepen our relationship with ourselves. 

The chart below can be help you learn more about the concept of Responsive To vs. Responsible For.  You can use these concepts to guide you towards having a Soul Tank full of vibrant life enriching energy.

When I Feel Responsible For Others

I…      Fix, Protect, Rescue, Control, Carry their feelings, Don’t listen

I Feel…  Tired, Anxious, Fearful, Angry

I   Focus On…  The answers, Solutions, Being right

I am a manipulator and expect others to live up to my expectations

When I feel Responsive To Others

I…  Show empathy, Share, Encourage, Confront, Listen, Am Sensitive

I Feel…  Relaxed, Free, Aware, Good About Myself

I Focus On…  Relating Person to Person,

Feelings, The Person

I believe that if I just share myself the other person has enough information to make decisions

I am a guide

I expect the other person to take care of themselves and be responsible for their own actions

I trust and let go

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