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Toxin removal boost endurance training.

Posted by David B

Many athletes include supplements in their diet to help with both nutrition and exercise recovery.  One such supplement, a natural mineral that's been used for health purposes for centuries, is called Natural Cellular Defense.  Available in liquid form, Natural Cellular Defense is a natural detoxifier, targeting and safely removing toxic heavy metals from the body.  The human body, especially if it is regularly engaging in physical activity, is adversely affected by toxins in the environment.  By removing toxins from the system, NCD can help the body to defend itself while also increasing strength, endurance, and stamina.
Natural Cellular Defense is capable of selectively attracting and binding toxic particles, whether they are heavy metals, radioactive particles, viruses, or other dangerous substances, and safely removing them before they negatively affect overall health.  Not only does NCD eliminate toxic buildup, it also enhances immune function, neutralizes the acid base balance in the body, and improves metabolic function and nutrient absorption.
Science Supports NCD for Training
A recent study looked at 150 trained athletes and 150 non-competitive exercisers who used Natural Cellular Defense as a dietary supplement.  The double-blind crossover study compared results to the same individuals taking a placebo.  Over 80% of these individuals noticed a beneficial effect on exercise during the time they took the Natural Cellular Defense.
Natural Cellular Defense Consumption resulted in:
  • A quicker exercise recovery time
  • Less pain during exercise and in the 24 hours following exercise
  • More endurance and stamina


  • Detoxification
  • Increased energy
  • More rapid muscle recovery
  • Improved nutrient absorption
  • Antioxidant activity
  • Decreased lactic acid
  • Greater endurance
  • Less pain during and after exercise

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