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Top Posts of 2009

Posted Jan 04 2010 3:00am

image As the 2009 year is now a thing of the past and we are working on 2010, I wanted to reflect upon some of the top posts on this site.  I know there are many new readers to this site every day and sometimes it is hard to go back through all the past posts to find the great articles.  There are a few from the end of 2008 that I have included as this site was barely alive in 2008, but regardless, these are the top sites of the year!


Top Ranked Posts – Most Visits


Below is my list of the top 5 visited pages for 2009.  This is a little misleading as most people visit my home page and read the recent posts there.  The ones below gained so much attention as many other websites have linked to them and continue to send readers:


Top Ranked Guest Posts

I had a few guest posts throughout the year (and am always looking for more, contact me above if interested).  The top 2 are below and were both in the top 15 of my pages this past year, thanks Trevor and Harrison!


My Favorite

These all ranked well but didn't make the top 5 above.  For whatever reason, these are my favorite.  I really enjoyed writing and putting these together:

  • image Patellofemoral Joint .  I wrote an epic (OK, epic may be pushing it…) 7-part series on solving the patellofemoral mystery.  Patellofemoral pain is such a challenging diagnosis that I felt this was needed.  In this series I cover everything from the causes, examination, and treatment of patellofemoral pain syndrome .
  • The Essential Reading List .  This is the cumulated list of recommended books by myself and other experts from physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning.  The recommended books by Ken Crenshaw, Sue Falsone, Eric Cressey, Leon Chaitow, George Davies, and myself.


  • My Top 5 LEAST Favorite Rehabilitation Exercises Solved !  This one is the second part of my top 5 exercises that I dislike.  In this article I discuss what I would rather do instead of these exercises.
  • 5 Tips for Landing a Sports Medicine Job in Professional Sports .  This has been popular with the students and serves as good advice to everyone, but slanted towards those trying to obtain an elite job.
  • Rehabilitation Protocols .  This was to announce the latest addition of the rehabilitation protocol CDs that Kevin Wilk and I have on CD from .  There was so much work that went into the 2nd edition CDs that I had to brag about them.  We more than doubled the amount of protocols to 139 including nonoperative, postoperative, exercise handouts, and interval sports programs for the shoulder, elbow, knee, foot, and ankle.
  • 5 Things I learned in 2009 .  A recent post, but one that I want to try doing every year.  I always ask my colleagues and friends what they are doing differently lately.  When some say, “not much” etc, I often get on them for being stagnant, always grow and change what you do for the better!

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