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Top Five Ways to Develop a Heart of a Champion!

Posted by Justin N.

As I look at sports clubs, at all levels, that are consistent winners, or examine highly successful organizations and individuals, I see five traits that are the hallmarks of a champion.

  1. Character – Champions have character. That is, they have defined values, ethics, ethos or standards. Whatever you want to call it, all they do, and how they do all, is driven by the quality of their character.
  2. Conviction – Champions have a drive to win. They know what they want to achieve and how to create goals to get them there. Even when they don’t win all of the small victories, their focus on the big win carries them forward.
  3. Control – Champions take charge of circumstances. They constantly prepare and hone their skills so they can meet whatever challenges come their way. They also know the importance of developing new skills to be able to handle change.
  4. Composure – Champions are even-tempered. In game five of this year’s Detroit – Calgary series, Calgary players showed their frustration by slashing and cross-checking in the final minutes of the game. Goalie Jamie McLennan ended up with a five game suspension for his slash. Needless to say, the Detroit Red Wings moved on to the next round, while the Flames packed and went home. Champions know that the only way to maintain or regain control in a difficult situation is to remain calm and focussed.
  5. Consistency – Champions do the right things over and over again. A winning football team brings its A-game to the field week after week. The best-selling writer sets time aside each day to write. A successful fundraiser works her prospect list regularly. Champions know achieving success involves consistent execution of their best moves.

We’re all “competing” for different kinds of prizes; the rewards that make our lives meaningful. If you want to have success in reaching your goals, you need to develop the heart of a champion.

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Justin, I love your entry! specifically the parts on consistency and composure. Life is very rarely linear (either at the upside or on the downside), so it is very important to stay calm despite of adversities, and maintain your normal composure. Being consistent (but creative) helps me many times continue adding value to what I do with the things I do best, while maintaining focus to achieve the overall goals.
This is a truly great post. These are so true. We are really all competing for different prizes, even if it's against our own sometimes defeatist attitude when it comes to our own personal and/or professional goals. We all need to stay strong and remain on top of our game to be succesful, and reading what Justin posted above is a great way to remember that. I say we all print this out and keep a copy nearby.
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