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To marathon, or not to marathon. That's the question.

Posted Aug 24 2008 4:18pm
I was sitting at the kitchen table reading the Non-Runners Marathon Trainer, and getting more and more excited.

But this thought kept nagging me: Why? Why would I want to run a marathon. Didn't I read somewhere the human body isn't really made for distances that long?

But I love the psychology that the Non-Runners Marathon Trainer is peppered with: about taking control of your life. As a mom of five children it's sometimes hard to feel in control. You never know when one of them is going to fall down and hit his head or something. Or where the next 'Mommyyyy!!!' is going to come from. I would love to be more in control of my life.

But then there's this other worry: I hate crowds. They make me feel claustrophobic. Then again, a mean little voice inside of me keeps whispering: you won't be in a crowd very long, what with your speed!

So I was just wondering: what motivates you to participate in a marathon? And does it have to be an official marathon? Can't you just run a marathon in silence, all on your own?

Is this a philosophical issue? If you run a marathon and no one is around to see you do it, did you do it?'
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