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The Twinge

Posted Aug 15 2008 7:10am
As runners we all feel it every once in a while. That "twinge" of pain that tells us something just isn't right. The question is, do we stop or run through it and hope it goes away? In the 6 1/2 years I have been running I have been lucky enough to be pretty injury free. I think part of the reason is that I tend to err on the side of caution. Some might call this being a wimp, I call it being afraid of making an injury worse and losing weeks or even months instead of days. Sometimes it is easier said than done. Today's run was supposed to be a pace run. I am training "with" my husband for a 10k and I am enjoying the "fast" days where I get to come home and tell him what my pace was. As I started the warmup part, I felt a pain down the inside of my left shin. I remembered feeling this at the end of my 400 repeats yesterday but then forgot about it. I slowed down even more trying to figure out what to do and ultimately decided not to chance it. I ended up running a mile and here I am, icing my shin, while my car is still at the YMCA. Wish me luck that this is one that just needs a day or 2 of rest. Sometimes 3 days of speedwork just takes its toll and I need to listen to my body. The good news is, I have learned how to crosstrain! I will be in the pool tonight.

So, what is your experience with injury? How do you decide when to take an extra rest day? How do you do with it mentally?
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