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The Rationale Behind Shoulder Exercises

Posted Mar 09 2009 4:26pm

image I am lucky to be able to share my latest journal article from this month’s JOSPT with you,  entitled Current Concepts in the Scientific and Clinical Rationale Behind  Exercises for Glenohumeral and Scapulothoracic Musculature.  I am very excited about this paper and have been working on the concept and background information on this paper for years.

prone 2 Despite a couple of decades of EMG research on shoulder exercises, there were still many unanswered questions regarding the optimal exercise for each muscle.   In the early 2000’s we sought to answer some of the questions that were looming regarding the selection of exercises by performing our own versions of EMG studies.  You can find these in two articles on the external rotators and the supraspinatus.  In addition, I have written a couple of book chapters over the years that gradually built on this concept.  But what put this all over the edge was my collaboration with Rafael Escamilla, a colleague I truly respect and admire.  Rafael really put this paper over the edge and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Thanks to JOSPT for allowing me to share this for educational purposes to all of those that are not subscribers.

Click below to download:

Current Concepts in the Scientific and Clinical Rationale Behind Exercises for the Glenohumeral and Scapulothoracic Musculature

Would really like to hear your thoughts and comments on the rationale behind why you choose some of these or other exercises for the glenohumeral and scapulothoracic joints..


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