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The Mommies are Hatching a Plan!

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:40pm
Chelle's last post has got a lot of us thinking about our plans for our next big race. I think I'm safe to say everyone is really excited about the idea of training "virtually" together and getting together in Spring '08 to meet and run a race together. This is very exciting!

So far the two options that have been thrown out are the Salt Lake Marathon and the Ogden Marathon. What works for you? Let's take a vote! Take your time to look at the race's web sites for yourself and see what you think. (You can find the links on the sidebar.) Once you think you have a preference, cast your vote. Both marathons have 1/2 marathons associated with them on the same day. They also have 5Ks. I think this makes both of these marathons great candidates for our "team debut" because they have something for everyone - no matter your comfort level or ability. Of course we understand if this isn't the right time for you and your family to be training for or running a marathon. But we want everyone to know - YOU ARE INVITED whether you are an official "contributor" to this site or not.

Salt Lake Marathon: Saturday, April 9

Ogden Marathon: Saturday, May 19

I know that Ogden is a Boston qualifying marathon, but I am unsure about SL. Does anyone know? See the websites for more details about the courses, amenities, pricing, etc.

You also may have noticed some changes to the site on the sidebar. If you are a contributor please send a brief bio to Sarah (Suzie Petunia) so it can be added to the site. You can also send a photo if you would like that included. Send them to suziepetunia at gmail dot com. Thanks to those of you who have already sent them. I'll have them all up ASAP.

I am very excited about these tentative plans to run together in the Spring. What a joy and an honor it will be to train together and to finally all meet. I hope all of you can join us!
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