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Starbucks Gone Gluten Free

Posted May 20 2009 11:52am

It happened on May 5th. Maybe you were there, waiting in line. Me? I was drinking a margarita. So, I'm a bit late the game. But, upon hearing news that Starbucks listened to its gluten free audience and launched a gluten free pastry, I headed out to my local 'bucks to see what the fuss was about. I was never someone who purchased the pastries at the coffee counter, even when I ate gluten. The breakfast sandwiches, now those, those are a different story. Still, it's comforting to know that there's an option for me alongside of my coffee and that this corporate move made by Starbucks brings gluten free into the...shhhh, wait for it...mainstream.

The pastry is a Valencia Orange Cake with almonds. It actually reminds me a bit of Nigella Lawson's clementine cake. It's wrapped individually, so it's not contaminated by any of those gluten containing thugs in the display case. I'm looking at you, black bottom cupcake. The biggest surprise? The lettering advertising that the cake is gluten free? Teeny tiny. Makes me feel even more mainstream, just ordering the little orange cake, maybe because I like oranges and almonds, not just because the cake is gluten free. I dare say maybe even more Americans will try the delicious little cake, unsuspecting its gluten free-ness and proclaim the goodness of gluten free goods once they see the teeny writing on the package. That, my friends, brings us awareness and an opportunity to talk about being gluten free to the masses. No matter our politics on Starbucks (I don't normally drink their coffee, if I have an alternative), we have to thank them for bringing gluten free to the spotlight--a large corporation that heard our needs and delivered. And did I mention the price is only $1.95? The SAME as their other pastries. This is a gluten free concept I can totally support. Equality.
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