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Shoulder Instability and the Mechanism of Foam Rolling

Posted May 09 2013 6:00am

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Kevin Wilk, Todd Hargrove, and Tony Gwynn Jr.


New Kevin Wilk DVD Next Week!

wilk-shoulder-instability-dvd-3d-boxI am so excited for the release of Kevin Wilk’s latest DVD on the Current Concepts in the Treatment of Shoulder Instability next week!  I was able to watch and advanced copy this week and it is awesome.  For those that haven’t seen Kevin recently, he is one of the best and his content is ALWAYS amazing.  This is going to be a popular DVD.  Should be out from AdvancedCEU next week so keep and eye out.


Inner Circle and Update

My latest Inner Circle webinar was posted last week.  The was about Internal Impingement.  This was part 1, discussing what internal impingement is and how to diagnose.  Part will be coming up sometime this summer and will detail how to treat internal impingement.  This month’s webinar will be 5 Principles for Treating the Stiff Shoulder.  I will work on firming up a date soon. has what was no doubt my favorite part of the 2013 ASMI Injuries in Baseball course up this week.  I moderated a panel discussion on the role of long toss for baseball pitchers with James Andrews, Glenn Fleisig, Ken Crenshaw, Mark Riggins, Dick Mills, and Alan Jaeger.  This was an awesome group of presenters and discussion involved the current concepts of long toss, as well as the differing opinions.  I think I said during the panel that this was worth the price of admission for the entire ASMI conference!

Also, last week featured a webinar on fractures and dislocations of the elbow.  Dr. Anthony Scillia, of the American Sports Medicine Institute in Birmingham, AL, provides a great overview of the anatomy and biomechanics of the elbow, the evaluation and treatment of several different types of fractures to the radius, coronoid, and olecranon, treatment of elbow dislocations, and treatment of distal biceps tendon ruptures.


How Does Foam Rolling Work?

Todd Hargrove writes up a nice piece regarding the mechanism of foam rolling.  I have been working on a very similar article for a few months!  I’m not sure foam rolling does what you may think it does, but it does something!  Todd, you beat me to it!  Good read, thanks for this Todd.


How to Deal with Hecklers

This video was too funny!  I never understood how people could be so obnoxious, but Tony Gwynn Jr. does a great job with this guy!  To answer your questions – yes – players hear you, no – they don’t care what you are saying.  I have heard some of the most rude and obnoxious comments from fans in the stands.  Not a great way to teach all the youth around you…  Anyway, Tony Gwynn says it all:

YouTube Preview Image



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