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Shock therapy does not reveal the cause of my leg problems

Posted Mar 05 2012 5:01pm

The nerve conduction velocity test I took Friday: Negative.

The doc hooked these weird sensors up to my right leg and hit a button, and…



The nerves work just fine, thank you. You ever rub your feet on the carpeted floor then touch something metal? That’s how this test felt.

Zap. Zap. Zap. It wasn’t painful, just weird feeling: Like getting struck by the tiniest, tiniest bolt of lightning.

So, the nerves work fine, but it’s back to the drawing board to figure out why my right leg won’t work right .

The doc put me on a treadmill to find the problem. He also X-rayed my back to make sure there was not a disc screwing things up. But nope. Back is all fine. And though he could see my right foot pointing outward on the treadmill, he didn’t see enough to come up with a diagnosis.

The docs say maybe its some kind of muscle weakness. Or hip impediment. But nobody really knows. They told me just to keep coming in for the physical therapist appointments.

The only good news is that they said I can keep running. And I guess that’s better than not running at all.

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