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seriously, I'm just not sure....marathon or not?

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:16pm
Although I would love to be "running for the hills" (great last post) everyday, and in every way, that is just not happening for me right now. Here is the deal: I'm not sure if I am going to do St. George. Yes, gas prices are outrageous, and that does put a damper on traveling. But my other problem is I am husband-less for 3 months, and have been for a month now. We live where it is like over 100 degrees most of the day- starting at about 8 a.m. I do have a jogger, but I must go at 5 a.m. everyday with the kiddies and the closest running spot is 10 miles away. That is just not happening when they are up like 4-5 times a night. My children are driving me crazy and taking everything I have out of me. So I try and run on my treadmill-only to be interrupted after all of 5 minutes. So I resolve to do in during nap time. That has worked like 3 times. I am quite out of shape after having babies, and it bugs. I run like 11 minute miles now. ugh. So I am not feeling too good about heading out and doing a marathon. I looked for smaller races in my area, and there aren't any until September.I don't see myself traveling to run a race somewhere with two kids in we just can't afford that right now. That is the other problem-running a marathon without any smaller races beforehand??? I have done 7 marathons. I know what it is like. I know what is required to finish. I think if I did the bare-minimum training- I could finish....but I would be really slow and it could prove to be very hard. It seems that it is just not in the cards for me to do a marathon at this moment and time. I am still training, but I have taken a whole different approach to my training due to my circumstances and I am not sure it is going to do the trick. When my husband does get home, he will be working so much, I will still not have him around so that he can watch the kids, while I go for a run. So although I would love to be running for the hills, (yes kids make you want to do that like nothing else) and running those hills in St. George, seriously, I am just not sure.... any advice would be appreciated! thanks
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