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Plays of the Week 12/5/08

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:43pm

Links of the Week

  • Even more benefit for physical therapy and exercise for the geriatric patient: A new study shows that exercise helps prevent age-related changes in the brain in older adults.
  • Larry Benz at wrote a quick note regarding a Swedish study published in a rheumatoid arthritis journal that showed nonoperative rehab may be just as good as reconstruction after an ACL injury.  I can put more holes through this than a block of Swiss cheese (get the pun?!?).  Basically just measured strength and a hop test, which together does not = greater function.  Odd topic for a RA journal too.  I tweeted about this with Bodyone75, who also brings up the point “why are people willing to pay out of pocket for massage and personal trainers but run out the door for paying cash for physical therapy?”  Good point!
  • Great Mike Boyle article on the Thoracic Spine.  Mike just keeps pumping out an insane amount of quality articles on his blog and website.
  • Found an older article from Jason Harris’s Evidence Based PT blog on Iontophoresis.  The study shows that ionto is effective in delivering dexamethasone into the soft tissue.  I am an iontophoresis fan do I like articles like this.
  • I am now included in the exceptional website  This website collects blog posts that ONLY discuss evidence based medicine.  What an amazing idea for a website.  Topics cover all types of research topics but you can just search rehabilitation blog posts.


Book of the Week

  • Considering we have been talking about special tests for SLAP tears so much lately, this week’s book is Clinical Examination of the Shoulder by Todd Ellenbecker.   Todd is a good friend of mine and one of the clinicians that I respect the most.  This book is a thorough review of a shoulder examination including general overview topics like subjective exam, observation, posture, range of motion testing, and rating scales as well as specific special tests for various pathologies.  What makes this book different from others?  Todd does an exceptional job at discussing the objective evidence regarding each test, including reliability, positive predictive values, and comparative research studies.  Plus it is written by one of the best shoulder therapists in the country.  Oh yeah, it is under $40 at Amazon!


Rehab Product of the Week


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