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Piriformis Syndrome and Free Mike Robertson Training Videos

Posted Jul 25 2013 6:00am

This week’s stuff you should read comes from Mike Robertson and Perry Nickelston.


Inner Circle and Update

My next live Inner Circle webinar is today at 11:00 AM EST.  I will be presenting on part 2 of my webinars on Internal Impingement of the Shoulder with an emphasis now on how to treat internal impingement.  Now is a great time to go back a couple of months to part 1, where I discuss what internal impingement is and how to assess.  As always, if you can’t make the live webinar I will get a recording up ASAP. has a great webinar this week by Perry Nickelston, DC, NKT, SFMA on Movement Based Approach to Piriformis Syndrome.  Perry is one of the best at integrating movement based assessment and treatment into his programs, so this webinar will be great to see how his brain works.  I think it’s more applicable than just piriformis syndrome as well, just seeing how Perry puts it all together is pretty cool.


Mike Robertson Rocks

I’m going to make this week’s recommending links to read pretty simple, Mike Robertson has a series of free videos being launched this week in anticipation of his latest program The Bulletproof Athlete, which is launching next week.  You guys probably know that Mike has some of my favorite content on the web.  These videos are great:

  • Flexibility, Mobility, and Stability Training -  The first video is all about mobility, flexibility and stability. Mike discusses why this stuff is important, how it will help people get leaner, stronger and more athletic, as well as how to improve it.
  • Strength and Power Training –  The second video covers strength and power training. Mike talks extensively about getting the “easy” strength gains by moving better, and then talks about strength and power development.
  • The Truth About Conditioning – On the third video, Mike asked his good friend Eric Oetter to teach you all the basics about conditioning.  Quite simply, there’s more to it than just getting in the gym and “crushing it.”
 Click here to get these free videos now as they will be gone in a few days!



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