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Physical Therapy on Twitter

Posted Oct 14 2010 3:00am

image Are you in on Twitter?  I guess you could say I am, with over 2000 followers.  But I know I don’t use Twitter to it’s fullest potential.  I do see the potential and do recommend that you at least try it ( and follow me of course ).  I get the personal reason for using it, updating your friends about what you are up to, but the professional use could be even more intriguing.  Imaging being able to join a community of other therapists and trainers, many of them instantly available, to ask for help with a clinical question, to bounce an idea off of, or to ask if any read a certain book, attended a CEU or class, or anything else!  It’s pretty amazing, but for those new to Twitter, where do you begin?

Today’s guest post is by Samuel Awosolu, PT, a physical therapy marketing consultant.  He share’s with us his thoughts on 5 sources of information for physical therapists on Twitter.  These are great places to start.  The article below obviously emphasises physical therapy, but these can be used for any discipline.


Network With Other Professionals On Twitter Using These 5 Twitter Directories

I’m sure by now you are familiar with the popular social network called Twitter. It has become one of the top social networks online for social interaction, engagement, and building relationships. I have been using it for 2 years now hoping to interact and communicate with other physical therapists and other disciplines.

It was difficult finding anyone at first because not many of us in our profession were using Twitter. This is starting to change as Twitter grows more and more popular each day and becomes more accepted in mainstream. I would like to share with you 5 Twitter directories I am using right now to find physical therapists and other disciplines to follow, share ideas, and build relationships with using Twitter.

Here are the 5 Twitter directories below.

1. Twellow: The name is a play on Twitter and Yellow Pages. This directory has over 26 million profiles. They have many categories including physical therapy and you can browse and find many PT’s within this directory. This is a great tool to find people you can network with and also in general to build a list of followers. You can get registered for free and start using Twellow to find other PT’s and build your network.

2. Geofollow: As the name suggests this is a Twitter directory that lists people geographically. You can use this site to follow PT’s in your local area. This is great for connecting with local physical therapists for in-services, CEU’s, or my favorite, happy hour. This directory also allows you promote yourself in an inexpensive manner on many of their pages or you can just list yourself for free and be discovered by other Twitter users. The searches are not limited to geography and many of the searches that work in Twitter work here also.

3. TweetFind: This is another Twitter directory that lets you browse categories such as geography and profession. Although not as big as Twellow, this offers similar features and to list here is free. So you can register yourself here and look for other physical therapist to connect with.

4. WeFollow: WeFollow was developed by Digg co-founder Kevin Rose and the focus is more on tags. The way it works is that you register with them and add 3 relevant tags to your profile. Tags can be used to describe who you are and things you are involved with. An example of tags would be physical therapist, acute care physical therapy, private practice physical therapy,etc. Every time someone searches for one of those tags your name will appear. This is quite a huge site, and you can find a large number of physical therapists here.

5. Loaded Web: Loaded Web is a bit different from the others mentioned in this list as it is not restricted to Twitter only. It has categories for Blogs, Businesses, and Twitter . This service is based on geography also and you can go to your state, find your city, and then find Twitter users there. It is a good way to find PT’s in your city.


Get Started

These are some good places to get started finding other physical therapists to network with on Twitter. The benefit of these Twitter directories is that you have access to other PT’s whom you can share ideas with, exchange information, collaborate on projects, and enhance your overall learning experience. The key is to get listed with these directories so you can be found by other PT’s, remain active on Twitter, and engage in conversations with others as they become part of your community on Twitter.

From Mike: Thanks for the great post Samuel.  Are you ready to jump in?  Sign up at and then follow Samuel and myself .  I recommend browsing some of the people I follow and that follow me, these should all be quality people as well.  There are also many lists of physical therapists and other professionals, such as this one .  Enjoy!


About Samuel

Samuel Awosolu, PT is an acute care physical therapist with a web development and marketing background. He is a physical therapy marketing consultant for many physical therapists in business which includes private practices, continuing education courses, rehab products and services. He has a blog on physical therapy marketing called PT Marketing Unleashed ( ) where you can learn more about internet marketing, social media, and generating website traffic.

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