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Obesity raises risk of breast cancer recurrence, study says - Video on

Posted Aug 28 2012 9:08am

>>> as we've said there's a story in the news tonight about breast cancer , a new study that shows definitively weight is an important risk factor in determining if a woman will suffer a recurrence, and as many doctors have insisted, losing weight after diagnosis can lead to better outcomes all around. our report on all of it tonight from our chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman .

>> reporter: breast cancer strikes almost 300,000 women a year. while cure rates have improved over the last 20 years, increasingly doctors are focusing on a certain group of women who don't fare as well as others.

>> there's a clear connection between obesity at the time of a breast cancer diagnosis and an increased risk of occurrence of breast cancer .

I believe that one of the biggest public health problems we have in the US is our failure to educate the basic mechanics of their own bodies. Could you run a car properly without understanding how it worked?

The two biggest players in modern disease increasingly appear to be insulin and inflammation. Obesity dysregulates both of these and thus causes a multitude of disease processes from atherosclerosis to hypertension to diabetes. Less publicized, but utterly vital to understand, is obesity's link to cancers--also mediated through the cancer-growing effects of insulin and inflammation. Decrease your risk today, not after diagnosis, by eating a primal-style diet--low in starches and sugars---to plunge insulin levels and discourage inflammation.

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