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Nourishment Stations

Posted Oct 16 2008 7:59pm

Imgp1390We've heard a thousand times that we are all too busy.  Stress, depression, anxiety, relationship troubles seem to be at an all time high.  We can easily fall into the trap of doing too much for others and not enough for ourselves.  Guilt feelings for taking time off flows through people's hearts and souls like an emotional cancer. Well I say ENOUGH!  Find ways to nourish yourself RIGHT NOW!  To do otherwise is a careless act of self denial.  It is impossible to really show up for others, to be invested in community, to work for the greater good if one is undernourished and out of gas  When our cars run out of gas we fill up at gas stations  What can we do when we run out of gas?  One idea is to create your own nourishment station that you can pull into and re-energize.  This can be a fun and creative exercise.  What are in your personal nourishment pumps?  Some of my pumps are full of:  walks in nature, cooking, a glass of wine with friends, Lake Michigan strolls, sunsets, time with my children and grandchildren, quality time with my husband, reading.................

I would love to hear from you:  what are in your nourishment pumps and what are your tips for getting yourself re-energized?

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