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Noahspeaks: He’s a hit with the Bob Books community, and he might be a future politician.

Posted May 24 2011 1:04am

Noah is becoming a little superstar.

I posted in last week’s version of “Noahspeaks” that my three-year-old could read a book (and that he liked girls). The authors who put out Bob Books have a brilliant product for little readers. Think Cat in the Hat on steroids (and I mean that in a nice way.) Bob Books has five sets of books, from beginning readers on up and each of these books build on each other.

Anyway, late last week, one of the book’s writers/employees/publishers left this nice surprise in my inbox:

Hi Kevin,

A colleague recently sent me the link to your lovely blog post about your son reading (and liking girls).  We really enjoyed the video and would like to share it with others in the Bob Books community.

Would you mind if we posted the link to the video on our website?   You can see that we have similar stories from other families sharing their kids’ experiences with Bob Books.  We would also link to your blog post if you were comfortable with that.

Thanks and congratulations on your new reader!

How proud can a dad be? Very proud isn’t proud enough.

Here is a screenshot of Noah on Bob Books, and a link to the page .


This isn’t the first time Noah has wound up as somebody’s coverboy. Last March, Noah and his mother went to a school allergy rally at the state capitol. Noah, who has severe allergies to peanuts, dairy, and eggs, looked like a little politician holding a sign that said, “My name is Noah. Keep me safe in school!”

Well, one of the lawmakers at the rally, State-Rep Dan Branch, saw Noah and told one of his staffers he wanted a picture. After getting the OK, from Nancy (Noah’s mother), Noah and Branch grinned for the cameras.

For a while, the picture was on the front of Branch’s home page. Here is a link to the current page on Branch’s web site , and a screenshot….

Noah is all smiles with State Rep. Dan Branch

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