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Nike+ iPod system

Posted by Bolivia V.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share here my experience with the nike+ system and explain how it has helped me so far. First, I want to make clear I have no affiliation with Nike or iPod... I'm just an user :)

So here's how it works: You need to have and iPod nano, and then buy a Nike+ kit (chip and transmitter, around $20) at Nike. Chip goes on shoe (not necessarily a Nike+ shoe, just put it in those little pods that you can attach to ur shoestrings), transmitter goes on iPod. They both connect and iPod records the: time, speed, distance and calories of ur workout. You can also get instant feedback in these parameters anytime you press the center button of ur iPod. After u r done, u get to ur pc and connect ur iPod to iTunes, which uploads your workout data to the Nike+ site. You can learn more at

How it has helped me... well, in many ways. I'm just starting out so I have no idea of where I stood or how I was doing... the feedback is so valuable because it lets you know about your progress, your strengths and weaknesses, you can set goals for yourself, you can join the yearly resolution, you can create or sign up for challenges in which you compete or compare with people around the world... you can even share your runs with your friends in your webpage or in places like facebook with the widgets (nike's having technical problems with them right now but should be fixed by next week) So it gets me excited to know I'm gonna post my run and everyone can see my progress, cheer me up, etc etc. It's been a tremedous help for me, being motivation one of my biggest downfalls.

Well, I hope I summed up things for u guys, I can try to answer your questions if you have them, but I'm pretty sure you can find all the info you need in the Nike+ site.

Please let me know if you are running with Nike+, it'd be great to share results!!

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I don't run with Nike+, but once the weather warms up here, I think I will be. I don't have a nano, but know someone I can borrow one from regularly-at least when I get outside for my workouts this Spring.

I do have one question about Nike+. The instant feedback when you press the center button of the iPod-do you hear it among the music? Or do you have to look at the screen?

The screen always display the time, distance and speed (when you touch the center button the screen lights up), but you also can hear the feedback over the music (the music goes to the background for awhile). You can even choose if you want a male or female voice :)

I love my nike+ and ipod - the great thing is that you don't need to have the nike shoes - all you need to do is to buy a holder for the sensor and you can use any shoes.

Also on ITunes there are many running programs to help you run faster, etc so great

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