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new treadmill record: 22 miles!

Posted Nov 14 2011 10:32am
Treadmills get a bad rap.  I personally don't mind them but have always had limits to how far I can run on one.  My previous treadmill record was 10 miles and that was on the gym's treadmill where there are visual distractions.  At home, my treadmill record was 6 miles.  Last weekend's run was cancelled due to a storm that brought heavy rains and gusty winds so what was I to do?  Run on a treadmill.  It was my longest run of this marathon training -- 22 miles!  Weekend plans were set in stone so I had to do my regular Saturday long run on Friday.  With two young children and a spouse who was traveling, I decided to wake early and get in some miles before the kids woke.  I ran 10.5 miles before my kids woke, took a 15 minute break to get them set up with some breakfast and a movie (they thought they were the luckiest kids EVER), and ran another 7.5 miles to get in 18.  The kids had a birthday party to attend so I showered and wore compression socks for the 3.5 hour (standing!) party.  When I got home, I ran another 4 miles to get my 22 miles done.  I didn't watch t.v. but did listen to music for most of the miles.  And the miles were run at a pretty slow pace because of the distance.  I don't recommend running that much on a treadmill, but as moms who run we know that sometimes you just have to do whatever possible to get those runs in.  I'm very much looking forward to a run outdoors later this morning!!
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