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New Thoughts on Core Training

Posted Oct 06 2011 6:00am

I guess when it rains it pours but the last month has seen a bunch of new educational products on core training.  Here are three products you definitely want to check out as our understanding of the core and how to train and rehab it has really expanded in recent years.  These three products are all great, apply to slightly different target audiences, and are in three different learning formats (DVD, online, live seminar), so a great variety for whatever fits your needs.


Craig Leibenson release 3 new DVDs early this month on the core and functional training, entitled and .  All three are really well produced DVDs that are geared more towards the patient than the clinician.  Craig has some good exercise ideas and presents them well.  I would recommend this product to fitness professionals or patients/clients themselves.  They are helpful for independent home programs.


Mike Robertson’s Online Program

Mike also is just releasing his new complete core fitness program , which is a 3-hour series of webinars that you can view on the internet, that overviews the anatomy, assessment, and a 4-phased detailed progression of actives from basic to advanced sports training.  I must say that this is an exceptional product that I really enjoyed watching.  Once I started I couldn’t stop watching, Mike just has a great style of presentation that is engaging.  I recommend this product to everyone, especially strength coaches but even rehab specialists.

This program was just announced this week and has a special discount and several bonuses that end on friday, so you should definitely check this out today or tomorrow.  Regardless I would still recommend this product if the price was double!


Mike Reinold & Eric Cressey Seminar

To top it off, Eric Cressey and I announced our newest collaboration earlier this week.  We are getting together to conduct a one day live seminar on Functional Stability Training of the Core .  Functional Stability Training (FST) is a new system that I have been working on for years and have asked Eric to collaborate.  Essentially, it is how Eric and I develop or rehab and performance programs – a combination of movement assessment, mobility, strength, corrective exercises, dynamic stabilization, and neuromuscular control all wrapped up together.  We are going to expand on the concept in the future.  For now, we will be conducting a live seminar specifically discussing how FST applies to the core.  The seminar will be one full day with 50% being hands on lab, which I feel is very important for the core.

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