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Neutral Neck, Muscle Energy, and Assessing Movement

Posted May 10 2012 6:00am

Today’s stuff you should read comes from Chris Johnson, Leon Chaitow, and Craig Liebenson.

Muscle Imbalances Revealed 3.0 Now Available

My friend Rick Kaselj just announced an update to his Muscle Imbalances Revealed program, now at version 3.0.  This is one of my favorite online programs and I am always eager to see the updates that Rick brings to the program.  There are a bunch of great bonuses and new additions to the program, click here to check them out , I would definitely recommend this program if the topics interest you.  There is a limited time discount available until the end of the day Friday so get in soon for 30% off.

Unilateral Bridge with Neutral Neck

After I posted a few weeks ago on my glute bridge rotary stability progression, Chris Johnson and I chatted on Facebook about some cool variations he does on this exercise to spare the neck.  Great ideas Chris!

Update on Muscle Energy Technique

Leon Chaitow is one of those people that respect and have learned so much from over the years.  He recently wrote a post updating his thoughts on muscle energy techniques, which is a must read for us all.   His book is a great resource.

To Cue or Not to Cue

Craig Liebenson discusses some thoughts on movement assessment and asks the question “do we want to see what they are capable of or what they habitually do?”  Good question, I would simple answer BOTH!  I think you need to know what they habitually do to identify potential issues, then see what they are capable of doing.  This will tell us IF they can move well.  If the answer is YES habitual patterns are poor, their is a reason that we need to find!


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