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Movements You Can Coach Better and the Hybrid Kettlebell Deadlift Swing

Posted Feb 21 2013 6:00am

This week’s Stuff You Should Read comes from Wil Fleming and Bret Contreras.


Inner Circle and Update

My February Inner Circle webinar recording on Preventing Little League Pitching Injuries is now available.  Use information like this to help educate the youth athletes, parents, and coaches and help reduce the 3.5 million youth sports injuries per year!

Next month’s webinar will be on strategies to enhance balance of the upper and lower trapezius.  Upper trap dominance is a pretty common finding that really causes a boatload of shoulder, neck, and upper back issues.  I don’t have a date yet but will work on one and announce soon.

I sent out the email yesterday to Inner Circle members overviewing the details behind the 2 free DVDs that I am going to give away to a couple of lucky members this month, one of Optimal Shoulder Performance and the other Functional Stability Training for the Core.  Check your email from yesterday for details.

Click here to learn more about accessing this and all my other Inner Circle webinars . posted a talk from the 2013 ASMI Injuries in Baseball Course by Todd Ellenbecker.  Todd discusses Rehabilitation of the Tennis Player with Shoulder Pain .  The ASMI Baseball course is really about baseball AND overhead athletes!  Todd is one of my favorite speakers and packs in a ton of info.  I had to speak the presentation right after him, which is always hard to follow!


Kettlebell Deadlift and Swing Combo

Bret Contreras posted an interesting video of a hybrid kettlebell deadlift and swing.  This looks like a great way to really focus in on hip hinge and could be a nice progress from the kneeling hip thrust exercise before someone starts more advanced swings and deadlifts.


7 Movements You Can Coach Better

Wil Fleming, from , contributed a nice post to the IYCA website on some tips to fix your programming for 7 common movements.


Last Chance to Vote!

PT Blog Award

Hey guys, I have been officially nominated for the Therapydia blog awards.  There are only a few more days for voting – what are you waiting for???  Click the link below to vote for me for “Best Overall Blog” and “Best PT Blog.”  If I win, I promise to host a free webinar for all my readers to thank you for voting!




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