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Listening to Our Body

Posted Jul 20 2010 8:34am

This morning, as our group headed out for our predawn run, we found ourselves one person short... Where was D?  He had been running with us the past few weeks, and though it was clearly a challenge for him, he did his best to keep the pace.

Today, after what I'm sure was much thought, D decided to move to a different group, one a bit slower, and more appropriate for his (very) beginner status.  As we are all training for half or full marathons this fall and winter, D wasn't quite ready for the rigors of the longer miles at the pace and intervals we utilize.

D listened to his body.  He didn't try to keep up to save face.  He didn't ignore the aches and pains.  He knew he needed to work on regulating his breathing, eating, and diabetes.  I offered to work on these things with him, particularly the last one, since I'm still claiming 'newbie status' as a runner (nealy two yrs, w/ only one being 'real training'), but have more experience in the diabetes department.  Seems we diabetic runners are few and far between.  And definitely have different fuel requirements. 

We must listen to our bodies, avoid injury...... run happy for years to come! 

With three half marys on my fall/winter schedule, I'm definitely listening to my body! 

How about you? 





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