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June Foodie PenPals

Posted Jun 30 2012 10:19pm

Some of you may be familiar with  Lindsay’s Foodie PenPal program, but some of you might not have any idea what I’m talking about. For those who are in the second category, the premise is simple: you’re randomly matched with another member of the program and your job is to send them a little gift box containing fun, local, and/or interesting food items. You get to email them when you get their information at the beginning of the month to get a feel for preferences, dietary restrictions, etc (so it isn’t completely secret) and there’s a $15 spending limit. In exchange, someone else is responsible for sending you a boxful of goodies. It sounded like a fun idea, so I decided to hop in the fray for June.

My job was to send a box to Kelsey in California (sadly, she is blogless so I cannot link you to her). The lovely Terri (also blogless, but on Twitter ) was responsible for my box, and you can see the goodies I received:

June Foodie PenPal Haul

June Foodie PenPal Haul

Clockwise from top left, I’ve got a spice/bean mix for white chicken chili, a bag of brown rice, a white chocolate macadamia Clif bar and a couple of Justin’s nut butter samples. My initial thought was that the chicken chili mix would be awesome for fall/winter, but with the complete lack of summer that Seattle’s been having, there’s a good chance we’ll be busting into it much sooner than that. I’m honestly most excited about the Justin’s nut butter sample packs – there’s a maple almond butter and a chocolate hazelnut butter – so much so that I’m almost hoarding them. I’m dying to have them, but I sort of don’t want to break into them because then they’ll be gone. I’m just waiting for either the right occasion or for my resolve to crumble, I suppose.

While this was a fun program, I’m going to opt out for July. It’s very deadline oriented, and getting the box out (and this post up) on time was almost more than I could handle. Perhaps once I’m closer to being done with school and I’ve got a bit less on my plate I’ll jump in again.

Thanks again to Terri for a great assortment of treats and to Lindsay for organizing the whole thing!

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