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Italy new nuclear! The main Paris 300 000 000 Howe array AC Milan already signed

Posted Nov 15 2012 6:26am
When Prandelli announced previous to Italy starting every body without warning, in fact, the facial area of France's opponent Buffon and Andrea Pirlo both to the bench very unexpected, but in addition to the shortage of Pirlo rrndividuals are wondering who are the Italian field commander, Wei Ladi the Prandelli truth is, The November 5 at the moment, had just finished his 20th birthday teenager usher while in the national team the very first time starting, and hubby The performance is enough to get people to see hope.

Wei Ladi game played very relaxed, very early directly into the game state, the command dispatch ease extremely general demeanor. Game 10 mins, Wei Ladi backcourt sent accurate long pass found the striker at the Shala Wei, AC Milan striker homeopathic into do, to take care of the long-range Balotelli hit the crossbar. Game while in the 16th minute, after Wei Ladi lightweight pull the ball while using heel the Eli Manning Women's Red Jersey ball knock towards teammates won the applause on the fans inside the audience. Yet in mafia wars vehicles exposed a deficiency of experience, the earliest Italian conceded there's his responsibility, Val Buena dispossessing Barzagli and his defensive scoring. In connection with this, the position and characteristics from the Wei Ladi vital, he will be the strong reason for the c's defensive and offensive mistakes, but his defense inside first goal during the Val Buena breakthrough during the completing the shot. '

Though not stunning performances, but Wei Ladi own performance proved Pirlo most suitable successor. Pirlo Today your state should indeed be nice, Juventus or even Italian national team, he or she is absolutely the organizations core, but, in any case, can be a 33-year-old man, the Brazil World Cup in 2014 whenever there is no injury the outcome ought to be the key force for the national team, but Italy trying to find a stand-in has become a 2010 priority to him. Like Prandelli ahead of game to spellout why Andrea Pirlo and Buffon bench said, Sooner or later, I will consider whether accountant los angeles players, I should see who is going to replace them in the case of emergency. It seems like, Wei Ladi Prandelli searching for one.

Indeed, as soon as debut of your Wei Ladi as soon as possible being referred to as a title within the new Pirlo, is one of popular determine the Italian transfer market this summer, including Juventus, Inter Milan AC Milan throughout the Serie A team are hoping to obtain this Future Star. Wei Ladi broker Dikan Plymouth is alleged that AC Milan can have previously he signed, he left Pescara can be a who believes that and see his team, Paris Saint-Germain work result is, you will also saw AC Milan? would not try in the summer prior to a transaction, in actual fact, Wei Ladi Youth Eli Manning White Jersey still a younger team playing AC Milan will put him away, Pescara almost he sold to AC Milan, but Wei Ladi were going to remain the c's. However, Paris St Germain eventually spared no expense to do everything inside the arm, Paris St Germain to Wei Ladi will invest 25 million euros of funds , analysts 12 million transfer fee, once a year wages of 1.5 million euros in five-year contracts.

Joined at first, however, Wei Ladi just isn't optimistic relating to the outside world, of course, too young to get overseas effectiveness inevitably acclimatized and spend a lot of cash to make a highly luxurious lineup, Paris St Germain today's lineup total price of as much as 3.0825 billion euros, nevertheless it's a really luxury lineup Wei Ladi also occupy a place inside French league, the fresh new season of 11 games played, all 4 on the Champions League race debut. European giants marked the actual goals from the national team can be specializing in culture, Wei Ladi's future is destined to have boundless. It is composed by 1cpluspluss 11.15.2012
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