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I'm not totally crazy afterall.

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:52pm
I had been wondering abot my 31 week patient I had the other night and wondering if I got all worked up over nothing. I mean, the docs didn't seem to be all that concerned. There was concern obviously, but not the level that I had expected, so I figured maybe I was wrong. Well, I got an update this morning. After I left at 7a.m., they did a biophysical profile and the baby scored 0. The baby never moved, there was very little fluid, no breathing movements. I guess the sono tech just kept looking because he couldn't believe he wasn't seeing any movement. So they called the local high-risk hospital and the neonatologists, to see about transfering the mom before she deliverd, but they said absolutely not, deliver her now. They waited until the team from the other hospital arrived and they delivered the mom by c-section about 11a.m. The baby had a 2 vessle cord, and a knot in the cord. If that mom hadn't decided to take her blood pressure and come in, her baby would have died. It just affirms what I already believe - that God was watching out for this baby. It makes me feel better because I was about to throw a clot the whole time I was watching the strip. I guess I knew that something was wrong, but it seems that they could've moved a bit faster, and because they didn't rush, I questioned myself. I need to stop doing that. :)
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