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I'm not going to let the elite Team Rogue runners have all the fun

Posted Aug 04 2009 5:24pm
You know you are having a good day running when you find yourself running step for step with other runners who' ve all run sub 3-hour marathons.

That' s where I found myself this morning, on a 14-mile run no less.

Granted, these guys (and one really really really fast girl) were not running their hardest (Neither was I - sub 7:30 pace is something I' m comfortable with), and at any minute, they could have dropped their pace to sub 6:30 and left me wheezing.

I thought it was funny that some of the guys razzed me a little bit when I caught up and stayed with them for much of the run:

"What, is this your MGP (marathon goal-pace) run," one of them said. Then, when he noticed some other "new faces" running near the front of the pack, he added as we stopped for water, "This must be a testosterone run."

Another guy said to me, "Now be careful because we are going to speed up here in a second."

Finally, another guy said, "What, was last week your drop down (in mileage) week and now you got fresh legs?)"

I just smiled and kept running, though I didn' t think I needed a note from my mommy to run fast.

Guys: I know you are all much faster than me. I know your bad marathon day is 20 to 30 minutes faster than my PR. I know that when you work at 70 percent, I have to work at close to 85 percent to keep up. And I get it: These medium long runs are not supposed to be track or tempo workouts or intervals. But every once in a while, I' m going to blow and go and test out all this new fitness I' m attaining. It' s just no fun to run 60 miles a week when every mile is slow and plodding.

Running fast is fun. And if you wanna put me in my place, you can always speed up. I won' t chase you.
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