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Posted Mar 08 2010 10:10am
Campsis radicans ' madame rosy '

Having grown up in the South I know all about Kudzu and other vines that tend to cover the earth. As a landscape designer I have had some run-ins with Campsis radicans, or trumpet creeper vine. I had to hire a bulldozer to remove one from a garage wall. It's trunk was the size of a tree and its roots were spread all across the area.

I've always admired the long-blooming, colorful trumpet vine that one of my neighbors has. She keeps hers pruned judiciously, but nevertheless, she is forever digging up the seedlings across the entire garden, muttering the whole time . She also has a Sweet Autumn Clematis that re-seeds in the same way.

While cruising the internet recently I came across Campsis radicans 'madame rosy ' and I had to rub my eyes because I couldn't believe what it said : Well-behaved, 10-15 feet in 5 years, clusters of rosy blooms from Spring to Fall ; seedless. Seedless! Rosy is a cross between our native trumpet creeper and c. grandiflora.

This is the perfect vine to cloak my outdoor pavillion which used to be a simple pergola before Mr. Engineer decided, in my absence, to add a roof . I'm sure the neighbors on both sides will also enjoy seeing some beautiful rosy blooms from June 'til September. My intention is to camouflage the pavillion's bulkiness and add some softness as well as beauty.

Written by Carolyngail at Sweet Home and Garden Chicago
All rights reserved
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