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I am ready to cry...

Posted Sep 02 2009 5:31pm
...either in pain, or in frustration. Right now it is a toss-up.

I am so close to completing my come-back post-baby race to run the Hands On House Half Marathon in one month, and I did something to my sciatic nerve. I am ready to cut my right leg off from the butt-cheek down. Seriously.
In June I had pulled my piriformis muscle. I know I had overdone it while visiting my parents in Utah. (Free babysitters and miles of mountain trails were much too tempting.) I found some stretches that are supposed to help loosen the piriformis muscle and they worked great. I was running again three weeks later with no problems or pain at all.
Then on Sunday night I was holding my baby in my left arm and I decided to pull the cooler out of the back of the van with my right arm. (Something told me not to do it, but all of us 'mommies' know that we are addicted to multi-tasking, right?) When I pulled the cooler out of the van, I felt something go down my right leg.
For three days I have not been able to sit down. It even hurts to lie down in those common back-injury poses. The crazy thing is, my back doesn't hurt at all, but something is pinching my sciatic nerve. I have tried to do some of the piriformis stretches and they make it hurt worse, so I'm not sure if that is the problem.
I will gladly accept any advice, suggestions, etc.
Not being able to run is killing me!!
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