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Posted Oct 16 2008 7:59pm

As I waited on the street corner for the light of the little white guy in the street signal to beckon me to safety across the busy street, I noticed a woman jump off the opposite corner and hurriedly cross the street. I heard the rumblings of a city bus, turned my head and watched as the bus barreled down the street in an effort to make the green light. I wondered, ‘What on earth could be so compelling to get to that someone would risk their life to get there?” My next thought was,”How many times have I done the very same thing in an effort to get to where I was going?” It was a sobering moment in which I realized how often we take life for granted. Perhaps this is where the concept of staying in the present or focusing on the Now can be a life saving or soul saving tool. We are only guaranteed the moment we are in; when we focus on where we need to be at the expense of the present we lose little bits of our lives. So, even if a big calamity like being hit by a bus does not take us down, it’s important to be aware at the small ways that we are losing bits of our lives by not being truly present in the Now.


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