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How To Find Your Ideal Prom Dresses

Posted Dec 11 2012 6:55am

The prom night, is no doubt a important occasion for girls .In order to show off the most beautiful and charming appearance, you should prepare stylish dresses. But what should we remember when we are selecting dresses?Please read my article to find some suggestions. 

Some girls would always complain that they would be on a tight budget after the prom as the dresses almost murder their purses. That’s not kidding. As a girl Ronia Ghusin said when she was still a senior, the average cost she spent on each party was approximate to 3000 dollars . Sounds very incredible. But that’s the truth. Every year, girls spent large quantity of money on blindly pursuing the so-called fashion. Sometimes, they neglect the true essence of choosing a dress. As an experienced person, today I’d like to share something about choosing a prom dress.

1)       Body-fitting.

Not everyone features the charming figure just like those super models. Sometimes, the dress look quite well on the model, but just soso on you. Short and slinky dresses are not suitable for everyone. But it boost a great tragedy that today, more and more girls don’t dress for their bodies as they should. That’s why you can find the strange phenomenon that at the prom, no matter the girls are tall or short, slim or full, exclusively wearing mini-dresses. Of course, someone would be very hot, while others in a tragedy. So first ,what I want to say is that no matter what the trend is, what suit you most will be the best. I recommend that if you are a girl with bull figure, try the strapless or halter dress  to frame your face and define your curve. If you have wide crotch, versatile a-line dress will help to modify the figure. Furthermore, pleats and other decorations will help to define the hip line.

2)       Well planned your budget.

Okay, I will never reclaim the importance of budget-cutting. For various girls, they spent hundreds of dollars on buying prom dresses, but the dresses will only be worn for once, after the prom, the dresses will be collect into the wardrobe. Now please listen to me, rather than scrimp and save for an expensive dress, why not buy a cheaper one. Cheap never means ugly and out of date. Only if you would like, you can find a harmony between style and price.

3)       Comfortable comes first.

If I tell you such a situation, you must feel very embarrassed. There was a time that corset style was very popular, some girls who were a little fat, put up a desperate fight to stuff themselves into the tiny dress. So the result always be very dramatic. They couldn’t sat down or do drastic move in afraid of slitting the stitch on the back. So I suggest you find some dresses that are comfortable to wear. Not everyone is as crazy as Lady Gaga, who can tolerate amazing dress.

4)       Ask someone for advice.

Before you buy the dresses, ask someone for advice, For example, you mother and your friends. At least,  your mother will give you a quite useful suggestions on the budget, meanwhile, your friends will give you some useful tips on styles.

5)       Conservative and Classic.

Classical conservative styles are versatile and distinct. So if you have no idea about what the trend is ,try the most traditional style.

6)       Give a little prediction.

Yeah ,you know, at the end of the year, the store will launch a set of sales promotion activities. So at this time, if you have learn something about the trend next year ,go to those shops for some discount goods. This will no doubt help a lot in saving budget and keep stylish.

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