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How can I find out what food I'm being effected by ? I suspect it's preservatives but this is a big factor in all food now.

Posted by Meggie

I'm getting frequent stomach bloating after eating and seems much worse with restaurant food. I'm gaining stomach fat too and don't eat much sweet stuff and mainly choose better food types. I suspect an intolerance for preservatives but how do I find out what ?
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Hi Meggie,

To be honest I try to avoid food preservatives as much as possible. I think most people react in some way to them. If you can go without them I would!

Best wishes! 

Many people have a small gluten or dairy allergey and dont even know it. Its actually very common. You should speak with a doctor, they can do an allergy test. If not, work with a nutritionist (an RD). if you need tips for healthy eating or exercise, or want to check out some free workout videos thats dont require any equipment, visit my website~


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