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Here it is: What stanky leg looks like

Posted Feb 28 2013 5:05am
This is how my right foot lands. I've got 99 problems...

This is how my right foot lands. This is a dead leg.

I’ve groused and groused for the last year about what’s wrong with my right leg.

I decided to jump on a treadmill and record my goober gait with my trusty iPhone (video below). I captured about 12 second intervals with me walking fast, and running at paces of 10-, 8:30-, 7:30-, and 6:40 minutes per mile.

This had to be what they meant when they talked about dead leg. My right leg just limps along. I can’t turn my foot inward. My quad is just useless.

Whatever it is that is bothering me is worse when I run slow, and I’ve mentioned that in the past. Seeing this video for the first time shows me it’s worse than what I thought it was. My right leg is just dragging. Running faster helps me control it more, but who wants to run 6:40 pace every run?

I still don’t know what the problem is, despite all of the therapists I’ve seen, though I did some Google searching and I came up with heel whip and abductory twist as preliminary culprits. The non-scientific definition of a runner with heal whip is when a a runner’s foot rotates while it is still on the ground causing it to go from straight or slightly rotated in, to pointing out.

So, without dragging this post on further, here is my cave-man video recording of my right foot while running on a treadmill (the extended version is here if you wanna see more.) I am going to continue working with my therapist, but if you think you’ve seen this kind of leg issue, feel free to drop me a line.


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