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Haagen Dazs FIVE Ice Cream-Gluten Free

Posted Jun 02 2009 3:24pm

Michael Pollan is regarded as something of a food prophet. I've personally read his books and used them to reinforce my eating habits, personal vegetable garden, and food politics. Turns out that gluten free eating can be like a gateway drug into harder, more serious associations with food, like figuring out where it comes from and what exactly modified corn starch is, anyway.

In his most recent book, In Defense of Food, Pollan gives some guidelines for purchasing food, for those of us who were left more confused than we started out after reading The Omnivore's Dilemma. Some were funny, "don't eat anything your great grandmother wouldn't recognize," while others felt like hard and fast rules that you could tuck away along with your grocery list, "don't eat anything with more than 5 ingredients." I was listening. So was Haagen Dazs.

Haagen Dazs recently launched their line of "five" ingredient ice creams, called "Five." The ingredients? Milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and either passionfruit juice, mint, ginger, chocolate, brown sugar, or vanilla beans. The company even goes so far as to mention that there's "surprisingly less fat," a claim that surely has Pollan chuckling to himself, as ice cream is surely not as healthy as say, a peach, locally picked or even better, grown in your own backyard. But, as an ice cream enthusiast and a big fan of anything without ingredients that I cannot pronounce and knowingly link back to a gluten free good, I appreciate the simplification that Haagen Dazs has given its 'scream. After all, reading through five ingredients to scan for lurking gluten is much easier than typical ice cream labels that include at least 10. And I do believe that even Mr. Pollan would agree that everyone should enjoy a little ice cream from time to time, especially in the fine month of June.

For all of you Pollan followers, don't miss Food, Inc, a documentary opening the 12th of this month in select cities about the food industry and its various impacts on society, the environment, and our health. The movie is based on various essays written for the movie, one being Pollan's. And for the ice cream fans, don't miss the simple, fresh flavors of Haagen Dazs Five ice creams. Maybe even cut up some fresh strawberries from your garden for the topping.
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