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Gabrielle's Birth Story

Posted Mar 08 2012 3:36pm
Welcome baby Gabrielle!

Gabrielle was my first non-induction baby! 

Let me just say how much I HATE back labor.  I had it with Rafael too, and it is the absolute worst!  I had about an hour of IV meds at which point I was already 9cm so they wouldn't let me have any more.  I had about an hour of really hard labor before I felt the need to push.  I had to push very slowly because her cord was wrapped around her neck, but she was born at 2:06pm - a perfectly healthy beautiful baby girl!  Once they were sure her oxygen was fine I got to cuddle with her for a nice long time.  My dad, who was watching Michaela and Rafael, stopped by and visited us with the kids.  They were happy to see the baby but I don't think it was really real for them yet.

We went home the next afternoon and my dad brought the kids home the morning after that.  Philip was luckily able to take a couple of extra days off of work (so 4 in total) and we took the time to get used to having 3 kids!

Things have been going pretty well!  While the older kids have watched WAY more TV than is healthy for them, I've been pleasantly surprised by how much easier the adjustment is going this time around.  I think it's because Michaela and Rafael have each other to play with and are already fairly independent.  I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks!
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