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Functional Stability Training for the Core Now Available!

Posted Apr 16 2012 6:00am

Functional Stability Training for the CoreIt is with great excitement that I can now officially announce the release of my latest educational program and collaboration with Eric Cressey, Functional Stability Training for the Core.

About a year ago, I started to brainstorm some concepts around one of the fundamental principles that I follow that I find many people often neglect – stabilization.  Eric and I started talking about this concept and putting some ideas down on paper.  We have seen a great transition in our professions towards understanding movement, mobility, and how the human body interacts to perform.  Often times, people realize that in order to move you need to be able to stabilize, but how do we incorporate this into our rehabilitation, fitness, and performance programs?

That is where Functional Stability Training comes in.  Training the body to function how it was intended – to stabilize joints throughout their mobility.  We know this, but we don’t always apply this!

The first module available for the FST program is Functional Stability Training for the Core, which you can read about below.  We are working towards expanding the program to include FST for the Upper Extremity and FST for the Lower Extremity as well.

Any area that I often see neglected is core training.  We are all too guilty, me too, of sometimes jumping to quickly through a progression and advancing our patients and clients to exercises that they are not ready for.  This leads to poor movement patterns, compensations, and eventual breaking down.  What is more frustrating is that often times these compensatory movements are small and difficult to observe.  I have always said that part of the reason that elite athletes can perform at the level they do is because that are masters of compensation!

Here are a couple of clips from my Functional Stability Training for the Core program of me discussing this paradigm shift in core training and the need to understand the true function of the core:

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

This is just the tip of the iceberg of the concepts that Eric and I discuss in our Functional Stability Training for the Core program.  This is packed with 6 hours of content from Eric and I, including lecture and lab demos of functional core assessment, exercises, and manual drills.  There is a ton more info about the product and videos from Eric and I at the Functional Stability Training website.

Special Limited Time Offer on FST for the Core

With the launch of the program beginning today, we are offering a special introductory price of only $77 for this 6-hour online program.  All of the content is available to watch online, but you may also upgrade to include a 6-DVD box set as well.  This special price only lasts until the end of the week (Sunday at midnight EST) so you may want to consider getting the program before the price goes up to it’s normal $97.
Click here to learn more about Functional Stability Training for the Core


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