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For lunch today we made a health ...

Posted Dec 14 2008 12:00am

For lunch today we made a healthy whole wheat salad with eggs and leafy greens.


(Click the pictures to see the bigger one)

With it there’s some garlic bread (maybe a bit too garlicy), feta cheese, some cucumber and onion.

salad lunch

I love having a salad for lunch, but usually it’s so much effort for something light and not too filling. This was very filling, with the wheat, bread and the eggs but not enough to stuff us like you’d stuff a turkey!

I used a tin of ready whole wheat, sliced up half a cucumber, half an onion, and mixed it togheter. On top I sprinkled some chili seasalt and a mix of dried herbs. I put the leafy greens on a big nice plate, put the cucumber, wheat mix on top. Cut up some light feta cheese cubes (10%), wedged the two boiled eggs and put it all on top. The egg really completed the whole dish. Without it I think this salad would be lacking.

Many vegetarian don’t eat eggs, I’m one of the ones that do. We always buy free range eggs from hens that have had a good life, eat organic foods and get to go outside and behave like hens should. I refuse to support animal cruelty. Unfortunately in Sweden, free range is expensive and most eggs come from either caged hens in egg farms or from hens walking freely indoors, which is almost just as bad.

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