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Death Rattle

Posted Feb 21 2010 10:05pm

disturbing.jpgMost of us have heard this term. It is the noisy rattling sound that a dying person makes that can be very disturbing to hear.

Death rattle happens when secretions gather in the throat because the person is too weak to swallow. The gurgling sound happens when air passes through the secretions upon exhale.  This doesn’t necessarily mean the person is having trouble breathing.

There are things we can do to minimize this. There are standard medications to use that dry these secretions. Repositioning the person is very effective. Sometimes in repositioning, secretions will come out of the nose or pool in the mouth. Suctioning them at this point will provide comfort and relief for the family.

It is distressing often for the family to hear this. People fear the person is drowning or will choke to death. This is not so.

It is one of the final things that happens. Know that when you hear this, death is usually imminent, but this phenomenon can also happen days before death. It does not always mean within hours; just know that death is not far off.

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