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Daily run: The one day a week I get to go fast

Posted Jun 23 2009 4:34pm
I've decided that Tuesdays will be my "fast day." This the day when the run is "only" 10 miles, and I've had 72 hours of recovery from the Saturday long run.

And what I've always meant by fast is, just let my legs do what they wanna do as long as they share the oxygen with my lungs, i.e., NO RACING.

And so here are what my legs did today:

1 - 9:34 (warm up. It takes me a longggg time to warm up)
2 - 7:56
3 - 7:50
4 - 7:26
5 - 7:37 (Kind of a slight uphill most of the way and I am still terrible on hills)
6 - 7:23 (course flattening out and I'm feeling good again)
7 - 7:20
8 - 7:11
9 - 6:58
10 - 6:50

I got a little carried away the last mile, but every once in a while I think its a good thing for me to dip down into the 6s just to remind myself that I can go that fast. For the rest of the week, I'll be back to taking it easy during runs. This is a stepback week, and I am definitely taking the breaks I'm supposed to be taking.

I've got a 7 to 8-mile run Wednesday, another 10-miler on Thursday, and a 14-miler on Saturday. That will give me 48 miles for this "step-back" week.

*************** update: Absolute, biggest waste of time and money. I've had offers for dates, but just can't bring myself to actually go out on one. And some of the profiles seem fake, or are written by people who can't spell. (Come on, ladies, how hard is it to spell "definitely" - I didn't know an 'a' was in that word.). So, I think I am going to let the membership go when it runs out in mid July. I think I just want to meet someone the old fashion way: See them in person, drool, compose myself, and then ask them out.
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