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Current work-out routine and Gaspari Superpump Max Review

Posted Jun 07 2011 12:00am
After yesterday's post a few of you have asked me to post my current work-out routine, so here it is
Day 1: Upper body- high reps
I do 5 supersets ( 2 supersets shoulders+ back, 2 supersets chest+ back, and 1 superset biceps+ triceps)
On this day I do 3-4 sets of each superset 10-12 reps, with short breaks

Day 2: Lower body- high reps
5-6 exercises, 3-4 sets, 12-15 reps, with short breaks. On this day I might add a few drop sets to make my workout more intense

Day 3: rest

Day 4: Cardio (usually bodycombat  class or Jamie Easons's plyometric card workout ) + abs

Day 5: Upper body- low reps
I do 5-6 exercises, a few of which are supersets. I make sure I hit every muscle group and go as heavy as possible. 3-4 sets 4-8 reps, 45-60 sec rest in between sets

Day 6: Lower body- low reps
5-6 exercises. 3-4 sets, 6-8 reps, 45-60 sec rest.

Day 7: rest or light cardio (walk in the park or treadmill)

A few useful terms, ( I apologize in advance to my gym freak followers who are aware of these terms)
Superset: when you perform 2 exercises, one after the other with no rest in between
To failure: when you can not perform another repetition
Drop sets: when you perform a set, decrease the weight and do another set with no rest in between

When I train with weights I make sure that my every set is to failure. If my goal is to perform 8 reps and I am able to do a 9th one, then I know it is time for me to increase the weight. Many people think I am crazy because I walk around in the gym with a notebook, but I find it really useful to note down my reps and weights. Every time I hit the gym, my goal is to improve on my last workouts records. If I manage to increase the weight for a specific exercise, do one more rep or one more set then I know I am getting stronger:) It is a good way to motivate yourself so it is something I would strongly suggest!  To check if I had a good workout I do the following two things : On upper body days,  at the end of my workout I do push ups, if I am able to do more than 2 sets x 12 then I consider my workout a failure (by the end of my workout, if I ve worked out properly, my muscles should be too tired to perform more than these many reps). On lower body days my car tells me if I had a good workout. If I step on the gas pedal and my thighs are not twitching once again I consider my workout a failure.

Gaspari Superpump MAX review :

Today I bought Gaspari's new pre-workout supplement Superpump Max (Orange). I have been using Superpump 250 for some time now and really liked it, but I ve heard so many good things about the new one, I thought I'd give it a try:)

Mixability: 10/10 I couldn't be bothered to wash my shaker so I just put it in a glass and stirred it with a straw. ..and it mixed just fine:)

Flavor: 8/10. This was not the best pre-workout I have tried (superpump 250 orange was a bit better) but it tasted pretty good for a pre-workout supplement!

Cost:  8/10 It is quite expensive ( 50 Euro a tub) but all good pre-workout supplements in Cyprus are around 40-50 Euros

Energy and Focus:  Great energy and focus! 9/10

Crush: I believe that this is one of the most important things when looking at a pre-workout supplement. There is no point in having an amazing workout if once you leave the gym you feel half dead. With Superpump Max not only did I not 'crush' after my workout but once I got home I was able to run 20 mins around the house chasing my dog! So 10/10

Overall  (45/50) I found this a very good pre-workout supplement and I am glad I bought it. Compared to the old one, I prefer this one. Superpump 250 could sometimes cause bloating and had more than double the calories and more carbs. Once again Gaspari has not disappointed me! <3 Gaspari :)
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