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Cod Liver Oil Study

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:29pm
This is the newest med we are doing w/ Isaiah, his Dr. put him on Cod Liver I did my part to make sure I am as educated as possible on Isaiah's treatments I found one medical paper by Dr Mary Megson in which she discusses in a scientific way her work around cod liver oil supplementation, principally in relation to Autism, it had so much information that pertained to me and Isaiah. This was a very interesting paper...I got lots of great information out of it, so I thought I'd share, and as I read it jotted down my thoughts and feelings along the way...

In the very first paragraph it discusses the link between autism and the pertussis vaccine, which I find ironic running across this in the wake of the DOD announcement that DTaP causes autism.

Just in the beginning she talks about one or more parents of these children suffering night blindness, that pertains in our case (me), she also mentions the thyroid...which Isaiah has a rare genetic condition, that my grandfather shares, (it's x linked recessive so I am a carrier and all my sons have it) where on paper he appears to have hyperthyroidism, although he does not. I just feel like we're finding more and more pieces to Isaiah's puzzle here!

I can't copy and past from the paper because of the form it's downloaded in, but I have a link below,

She talks about disorders of the eye, which when Isaiah was diagnosed with his eye muscles are weak and his eyes don't come together properly(which for the life of me I can't remember the name of right now, the eye Dr. said it was common in autistic children)...also the other thing that grabbed my attention was families with Colon Cancer, which we do have a family history of on my mothers side.

I highly recommend you taking a few minutes and reading this medical paper
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