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Celebrating My 100th Post: A Special FREE Offer You Can’t Miss!

Posted Jun 02 2009 3:13pm

I wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate my 100th post on this website with a few exciting bits of news including a FREE offer and information on my new newsletter!  When I started this website last fall, I really had no idea what to expect.  I wanted to provide a website that I could post information on new techniques and research in the fields of physical therapy, athletic training, sports medicine, and strength and conditioning.  I had no idea how successful the website would be and at the time it didn’t really matter, I was writing for myself, to keep myself sharp and to motivate myself to stay current on new research.  If a few people took that journey with me, great. 

image 100 posts and over 50,000 visitors later, I am happy to say that I am not alone in this journey, and that is a huge part of this website’s success.  Because of your interaction, your comments to posts, your discussions, this website has become a resource and more importantly, fun.    Thank you.


Open Discussion Forum

We are deep in the middle of a series of clinical commentaries on patellofemoral pain.  While I do enjoy writing and sharing this information, the lack of comments and discussions in these types of posts can make them a little less fun to write.  Please do continue to comment. 

For this week, I again open up the comments section of this post for any and all questions.  Feel free to ask myself and my readers anything and be sure to get involved in the discussion.  This will be the 3rd open discussion forum and I know it will continue to be popular.  This can be anything, maybe a clinical question, troublesome patient, or if you are looking for recommendations, please do reply to this post.


A special FREE Offer

AdvancedCEU-2008-400 This is an unheard of special offer to celebrate my 100th post.  For three days only this week, June 1-3, 2009, will offer readers of my website their most popular education product, their Rehabilitation Protocols for the Knee and Shoulder on CD by myself and Kevin Wilk, FREE when you purchase our 4 DVD set on the examination and treatment of the knee and shoulder.  This CD combo is normally $100!  These are the quality protocols you have seen in our publications and extremely popular, in fact, they are the best sellers at  Details and a link to the offer are below.

shoulder_knee_protocolv1_combo_box Not interested in buying the 4 DVD set? has an offer for you too.   Use the coupon code “100posts” and receive the Rehabilitation Protocols for the Knee and Shoulder on CD for 25% off!   Visit’s rehabilitation protocol page for more information or click this link to purchase the CDs.  Be sure to use coupon code “100posts” (without the quotes!).

I do ask one simple favor in return, using the honor system of course: If you use this offer or coupon, please subscribe via email to this site and please tell your colleagues about this website!   

Here are the details of the free offer:

  • If you purchase the four DVD set of the Examination and Treatment of the Knee and Shoulder by myself and Kevin Wilk, you will receive a FREE copy of the Knee and Shoulder Rehabilitation Protocols on CD.  This is a $100 value, FREE.   In total, this is a 4 DVD and 2 CD set.
  • All orders within the USA will receive FREE shipping
  • This offer is only valid on 6/1-3/09 and not eligible on past sales, no substitution of products allowed.
  • No coupon is required, however, you MUST use the below link to make this purchase, normal purchases through the AdvancedCEU website are not eligible for the discount.  Link:

CLICK HERE: FREE Knee and Shoulder Rehabilitation Protocol CDs


More Exciting News and a New Newsletter

  • The series of patellofemoral rehabilitation will continue next week, we are getting close to wrapping up.
  • A new series will begin shortly after.  In this series, I have asked many of the leaders in our fields to provide a list of essential books that they feel were vital to their clinical development.  This is going to be a fun series as I have posts from George Davies, Eric Cressey, Sue Falsone, Ken Crenshaw, Leon Chaitow, Michael Boyle and more.  After posting each list of books, I will summarize with a few additions of my own and finally create an Essential Reading List!  I am excited about this series.
  • I am also excited to introduce a newsletter in the next few weeks.  We have so many people that receive all my posts via email already, this is just an extension of that.  I hesitate to call it a “weekly” newsletter, because there will be times when it is frequent and times where I need to skip a week.  I want to introduce the newsletter so that I can provide more information to my readers.  With all the great content, it is to fit in posts on some exciting new research or articles I am reading on the internet.  I want to share these but I don’t want to bog down the content on this blog.  So posts like my “ plays of the week ” that are so popular, will actually be in the newsletters only.  I will be doing other things with the newsletter, such as new exercises, links to rehab videos, special Q&A sessions with other experts, and special contests and promotions.  I will also use it to answer some of the many emails that I receive to share some of your questions with everyone.   It will be well worth subscribing, and why not, it’s free and I hate spam so your email is safe with me!  Details coming soon.


Thanks again everyone for 100 posts!


Photos courtesy: D Sharon Pruitt and Pkeleher


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